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A new kind of space for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers to form a community based on networking, design, and innovation.

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Behind Our Doors

A space to collaborate with others. A chance to meet amazing people. A unique community of startups and creative professionals.


Founded in 2013, Kayanspace strives to be the best workspace option for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals in today’s business environment.

At our coworking space, you’ll find a collection of innovative thinkers who come to focus on their work and achieve success.


With modern facilities, networking events and plenty of office amenities, we’re confident that Kayanspace is the right place for everyone.

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Our Concept

More About Our Space

Offering a unique co-working ecosystem, Kayan’s spatial philosophy is inspired by its Arabic roots that signify the coordinated function of the hand form entity which involves connective bones, tissues, and muscles working in unison to function together. The working space is designed to support your creative beginnings and innovations by incubating a working ethos based on connectivity, coordination, and collaboration.


At Kayan, we truly believe in the transformative power of illustration and design and the ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. 


What You Need






Full Access

We offer furnished, hassle-free office studios for established professionals and entrepreneurs that like continuity. Additional services included are access to meeting rooms and the receptionist, a dedicated telephone line along with basic amenities such as coffee, tea, and water etc.

Focused and Modern

Located right at the entrance, our hall is the heart of Kayan, with glass walls allowing natural light to enliven your event accompanied with skylights to give you a calm and peaceful feel. The space is the perfect place to support the exchange of ideas, brainstorming and networking.

For All Your Needs

If you are looking for a private space to conduct a team meeting or working session our meeting rooms provide the best solution. Our rooms are fully equipped and built in a manner that would increase the chances of having efficient and more creative ideas.

Our Amenities and Facilities

Benefits for All Members

Access to Receptionist

Dedicated phone


Coffee, Tea and


Cleaning Services

Networking Opportunities

Access to Meeting Rooms

Access to Event Hall on Discounted Rate

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